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Embrace - A Film by Thomas Webster

Thomas Webster, is a kiwi born and raised aspiring writer and director of kiwi stories. With a vast range of experience from a young age through to his late 20s in performance as an on stage theatre actor, singer and dancer, Toms background in the creative world does not fall short of experience. As a child, he was fully immersed in the world of film and its history, quickly teaching himself as he approached his early twenties that this was the career he wanted to expand and succeed in. Growing up surrounded by strong female figures, being heavily whānau based and growing up in the diverse suburb of Beach Haven , Tamaki Makurau; Toms observations as a young adult have inspired his determination to tell stories that connect to this upbringing and the culture of Aotearoa. In hopes to form diverse film crews in the future, of all backgrounds, ethnicities and stories, his main objective is not only to write and direct film but make an impactful change in the production process with an open mind and inclusivity. His debut short film “Embrace” is the first of many, one that he hopes can speak to audiences through the use of authentic story telling.



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