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The Softening by Simon Stockdale

Written and Directed by first-time filmmaker Simon Stockdale


Jasveen Singh @jessks.22

Devyn Hosier @devemh

Produced by @simons_rants and @elemenoproduction


A man returns home to find his wife and kids have suddenly disappeared without explanation and are replaced by a strange woman he's never met. Who is she? Where did his family go? And why does no one believe him?

Simon Stockdale has worked since 2017 as a film critic and comedian on YouTube under the name SimonsRants. "The Softening" is his first feature film.

Director Statement

I am proud to announce my first feature film - The Softening! Filmmaking was a life long dream that I was too afraid to pursue until I was hit by a drunk driver in the summer of 2021. I temporarily lost the ability to focus my eyes, discern the difference between hot and cold, and sleep due to the extreme pain and vertigo. Throughout my recovery, I worked on this script daily. And when it came time, I cashed in my savings, took out multiple loans and did everything I could to bring my dream to life.

The story is extremely personal to me as it is based on my own worst fears and family experiences. The budget was practically non-existent ($25,000 USD), but I am so proud of what my cast, crew and I were were able to accomplish with so little. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.



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