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Close-up Talent Competition is a program that the New Wave Film Festival in Munich will hold in late December. This program is intended for artists based in Germany as well as artists around the world. Our aim is to create a space for young people who are interested in film-making. Those who have potentials to shine in the world of cinema.

Our audience is young people, therefore; You don't need equipment for this program! just a smartphone and an interesting story/plot. You need to tell your story in one one long take; Your film should not be divided into different sequences or takes, but you have to narrate it in one long take. As a result, you don't need editing! and these limitations provide space for creativity.
But remember that your film should not be long. Your story must be made into a 10 minute film.

We have no limitations for the number of actors in the films but having less actors means having less problems.
Additionally, your film must not have a film score, however, you can use music playing in the scene (coming from an outside source like a radio or a television).
Your films MUST be made with a smartphone. Films that are made with DSLR cameras (or any other types of cameras) will be disqualified.

But as for the topics/themes:
'Life and Death', 'Love', and 'Fear of the Unknown' constitute the three main sections of the competition. Many of the things happening around us fall into one of these three categories. For example, capturing the feel of living during the Coronavirus pandemic can present a different outcome when placed under any of the above-mentioned sections. Therefore, when you have a idea, put it within one of these three areas, and then write the script. To come up with the best result, choose whatever you feel close to, and write about things that you know well, things that you have lived with.

Films can be color adjusted and it won't have an impact on our juries' decisions, because what's important is for the films to have an original idea, an idea through which we can be hopeful of the emerging filmmakers for the next generation in cinema.

To submit your films, click on the link below and submit under the Close-up Talent Competition

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