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FLESH - Directed by Veronika Gurina, Anna Ponomarenko

A short film by the NITI experimental theatre.

"Flesh is one of the two substances of human nature. On the one hand, the flesh is understood as a human body that participates together with the soul in exploits. On the other hand, the flesh is understood as the totality of passions nesting in a person."

The film is a video experiment at the intersection of genres. This is a visual story in which an imaginative film language is intertwined with live performances and documentary-filmed monologues of the heroines, who were invited to express their taboo feelings one-on-one with the camera without witnesses and in the absence of sound recording. Such an experiment allowed us to reach a new level of honesty with ourselves and the audience.

The documentary part of the work which was deeply personal represents the study and observation of the almost intimate process of trying to connect with oneself, to get out of oneself, to express through speech or body movements what worries and haunts. Not surprisingly this experience of self-honesty sometimes turns into torture. It is not easy to look into unlit corners of your thoughts and feelings. In the film, you can see the non-verbal parts of the heroines' stories connected into a single stream. Uncontrollable powerful forces of nature is a full-fledged hero here that represents the image of a feminine, natural, deep, bodily principle. These forces increase tension and they also bring relief.

The study of feminine nature continues through an appeal to the depths of the collective unconscious. There is an immersion in archetypal images, their reflection in performance, connection with the elements, cyclicality of nature, and finally transformation of attitude to one's flesh, rebirth, and acceptance.

Directors: Veronika Gurina - Anna Ponomarenko

Producer: Anna Ponomarenko

Director of photography: Maria Berezhnaya

Music composer: Vladislav Sirosh

Editors: Maria Berezhnaya - Anna Ponomarenko


Veronika Gurina

Margarita Ostromogilskaya

Olga KovalevaKey

Maria Lunina

Natalia Serebryakova

Anna Ponomarenko

Antonina Medvedev

Alyona KalyanovaKey Cast

Directors Biography

Veronika Gurina Dancer, teacher-choreographer, choreographer-director. Trainer of Moscow-based international school of performance, body and emotional intellect "Vozdukh", dancer of the professional troupe "Vozdukh", actress of the playback theater "Odnajdy" ("Once"), director of experimental theater "Niti" and dance theater "EGGS". Holistic dance teacher. Developmental dance teacher. Underwent professional retraining under the "Developing Dance" program at the Institute of Practical Psychology and Psychoanalysis. Graduated from a year of study and was certified under the program "teacher of holistic dance" at the Institute of Holistic Dance taught by Sabine Parser (Austria). Studied contemporary dance in Belgium (Ultima vez), Israel (Batsheva Dance Company), and Holland (NDT). Directions of dance teaching activities: contemporary dance classes, improvisation, spontaneous dance, contact improvisation, authentic movement. Personal bodily practices: yoga, tai chi, somatics. Has repeatedly taken part in site-specific performances, dance performances, and festivals of contemporary choreography. Twice winner of the "Champions Ball" competition of contemporary choreography. For two years had danced with "Libertatem DC" a contemporary dance company. Has directed and produced short films in the video dance format.

Anna Ponomarenko Visual artist, art director, production designer, video director, performer, founder and participant of the experimental theater "NITI". Took part in various commercial and non-commercial photography, video and theater projects as set designer, production designer, art director, stage designer, director assistant or director. Have made personal projects in collaboration with photographers, cinematographers, digital artists, sculptors, musicians. Fell in love with performance and the concept of physical theater during studying in performative school "Vozdukh".

Director Statement Anna Ponomarenko: "I use visual images, light, shape, color, movement, natural objects and phenomena, my own and other peoples' bodies as an art material. I find dance and any other body language to be the most direct and honest form of expression."



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