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An Interview with Alexandros Theodoridis

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you got interested in cinema.

Well my name is Alexandros Theodoridis and I am a screenwriter. In my movie I also play for psychotherapeutics reasons. I write screen since 2017 and I have made 2 movies and 1 pilot for a television series in Greece which is in the promotion level. Since I was a child I love to write stories which were coming from my mind and from the stimuli of everyday life.

Your film has a fun start and we get to know the atmosphere you have in mind with the character's entry into the hall and the story of the sunglasses. How did you reach this opening?

We want to give the sense of this character. This character refers to an uncivilized person who wants to exploits the pathologies of Greek justice (within a context of parody of the flexibility of laws which is a major problem in Greece).

Tell us about your original idea. How long did the process of writing and editing the script take?

For about two weeks. I wrote it in 2 days and I thought it one-two weeks before.

How did you find your actors and how long did the rehearsing process take?

I cooperate with a great production company “My productions” (the company of the director mr Mahairas Dinos). This company cooperates with an actors office. The one and only rehearsal that we made was before we tape it. This movie filmed in about 4 hours.

What are the difficulties and freedoms of making a film that takes place entirely in a closed


I love to write movies and series with very low budget regardless if I finance them. This must be in an office. We didn’t had any difficulties.

How do you evaluate the role of film festivals in showcasing short films or these films staying unseen?

Some festivals show the movies and some others don’t. All festivals mention in the sites if the are going to project the movies. Both cases are respected. If you don’t like the second case you don’t being apart of these festivals. Ι cant evaluate that.

For you, is short filmmaking a sort of craft learning to reach feature filmmaking?

Absolutely. You must start from something to get in something bigger. The volume is one more difficulty and you must be well educated.

What experiences did you gain from making this film that you think would be useful for young filmmakers to hear?

I learned the way that a screen become a movie. The distance is huge. But if you are well

prepared and all the staff know his job you are not going to have difficulties.

If possible, please tell us about your next project.

In a few days I am going to film my new movie “Thelisis”.


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